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Chicken a la King

Chicken a la King


Chicken ala king in in a can or a pouch? Yep, your eyes don't deceive you. With Mountain House Chicken a la King, you can indulge in this beloved comfort food at any time, no matter what. No time consuming prep required - all you need is hot water and you can enjoy a plate of tender chicken and creamy noodles in minutes.

Mountain House Chicken ala King comes in two sizes to satisfy your unique appetite:

  • #10 Can - Packed with 11 servings of deliciousness, our canned Chicken ala King gives you enough food to host a feast with friends (or enough to feed just yourself for days). Great for emergency preparation or last-minute family dinners.
  • Pouch - Our pouches of Chicken ala King make wonderful travel companions on the trail, in the mountains, or wherever life takes you. They're compact enough to stash away in your pack or duffel, yet contain enough food to fill your belly after an action-packed day.

Don't settle for a sad, bland MRE - treat yourself to a convenient and filling meal with Mountain House Chicken a la King.