Happy National Picnic Month!

Happy National Picnic Month from all of us here at Mountain House! You did know July is National Picnic Month, right? –> scroll down or click here to enter to win a 3 Day Food Supply! Well, all right, so Picnic Month may not be the highest-profile designated month, but it certainly is a universally appealing one. Who doesn’t like a meal shared outdoors on a sunny afternoon? (There’s probably an anti-picnic faction out there, but hey: National Picnic Month isn’t a mandatory celebration. And plus we reckon most of our outdoorsy, food-focused Mountain House community can get behind the … Continue reading

Introducing Your Kids to Hurricane Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane season is here and it’s time to prepare the whole family. Long before the winds pick up and the water starts to rise, start preparing for the storm that’s brewing. Keep kids in the loop by calmly and confidently explaining to them the different things you’re doing to manage the house and home. As you’re boarding up your windows, for example, have them help by managing the inventory. Explain to them the why behind the various ways you’re preparing the house and they’ll be more eager to be of assistance, not to mention they’ll grow into confident and capable hurricane preppers … Continue reading

How to Pick the Best Foods for Backpacking

Even the most experienced backpackers know that staying nourished, energized, and, most of all full can be a real challenge. That’s why it’s imperative to plan ahead by bringing foods along with you that are wholesome and easy to prepare. Here are some of our top culinary tips that will help you make your camping trip that much healthier, tastier, and more satisfying. Here are a few tips to think about when it comes time to pack for overnights on the trail. Cheese, a High-Calorie Powerhouse If your diet allows, cheese is the holy grail for high-fat, high-calorie, high-calcium goodness. Go … Continue reading

Being Prepared For Anything: 3 Situations You Might Not Think About

Everyone should have an action plan at their house and with their family should disaster strike. But … that’s usually where the action plan ends. We know what to do and where to go should something happen to our house, but what if disaster strikes when we’re not at home? That’s why you should also have an action plan for other places where you tend to spend a lot of time. Here are 3 situations to consider when preparing an emergency action plan outside of the home: In the Car Between commuting to and from work, going to the gym, picking … Continue reading

Camping Checklist for Bringing Along Pets

Camping with dogs can downright double the pleasures of tenting out in the woods. Sharing the great outdoors with such a naturally enthusiastic creature can give you that extra energy for one more trail or getting up early (prompted by some pleading whines) to enjoy the sunrise view. Plus your pooch’s keener ears and nose may clue you in to phantom-like deer, a slinking fox, the footprint of a black bear—amazements you likely otherwise would have missed. Of course, your four-legged buddy needs his or her own supplies to make the joint camping adventure a safe and comfortable one. To … Continue reading