Hunting 101

Hunting is one of the most ancient of human activities, and it remains for many people the principal way—and the deepest way—they connect with the great outdoors and the ecological framework that links us to every other living thing. Obviously hunting is not without controversy, and some people are stridently opposed to it. This isn’t the venue for a discussion about the debate over hunting in the modern age, but it is important to say that: (1) there’s a world of difference between a responsible, ethical hunter and an irresponsible, sloppy, and trigger-happy one; (2) that many hunters still regard … Continue reading

Easy & Tasty Camping Food Recipes Anyone Can Make

Whether you’re venturing out on your first camping trip or are a seasoned pro, enjoying tasty, nutritious food while you’re communing with the great outdoors is not only possible — it enhances your experience! Sure, it’s easy to throw nutrition bars, trail mix, beef jerky and dehydrated food packs into your backpack and head out— but where’s the fun in that? You don’t have to be a Food Network chef to create some amazing camping meals — we’ve compiled some easy recipes that will make your next outdoor adventure a delicious one! Make Ahead, Ready to Eat Camping Recipes: These … Continue reading

National Preparedness Month

We’ve addressed the critical subject of disaster planning many times here at the Mountain House blog, and now seems the perfect time to get the word out again. Partly because September is officially National Preparedness Month, and partly because of the dramatic stories and images emanating from Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. (Find out how you can help here.) This year’s National Preparedness Month theme is “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.” Of course it’s true: You never know when a severe storm, a temblor, a power outage, or some other contingency will turn everyday life into disorder. … Continue reading

Multi-Expert Interview: The Biggest Challenge You’ve Faced

You can read articles about being prepared. You can attend workshops, stock up on gear, and have an arsenal of quotable tips at the ready. But as most folks will tell you, the best advice comes directly from folks who have had to live it. We recently asked this question to some of our Ambassadors and others who have had their survival knowledge put to the test of real life. Full Question: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced where your survival/preparedness knowledge helped? What tips can you give others based on your experience? (jump to the story of your … Continue reading

3 Preparedness Tools to Stash Next to Your Mountain House

If you’ve spent some time in the backcountry, then you know just how unpredictable mother nature can be. From pop-up storms, to unwanted critters, to medical emergencies–there are countless reasons to go in prepared. So whether you’re headed into the backcountry or preparing for unseen events, get that preparedness kit ready! Slidebelts Survival Belt This survival belt isn’t just for Chuck Norris, it may just be the most helpful survival item that you will own. The stainless steel adjustable belt comes equipped with a razor-sharp folding knife, a bottle opener, a super-bright LED light, and even a ferrocerium fire starter rod. … Continue reading