Introducing Your Kids to Hurricane Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane season is here and it’s time to prepare the whole family. Long before the winds pick up and the water starts to rise, start preparing for the storm that’s brewing. Keep kids in the loop by calmly and confidently explaining to them the different things you’re doing to manage the house and home. As you’re boarding up your windows, for example, have them help by managing the inventory. Explain to them the why behind the various ways you’re preparing the house and they’ll be more eager to be of assistance, not to mention they’ll grow into confident and capable hurricane preppers … Continue reading

Being Prepared For Anything: 3 Situations You Might Not Think About

Everyone should have an action plan at their house and with their family should disaster strike. But … that’s usually where the action plan ends. We know what to do and where to go should something happen to our house, but what if disaster strikes when we’re not at home? That’s why you should also have an action plan for other places where you tend to spend a lot of time. Here are 3 situations to consider when preparing an emergency action plan outside of the home: In the Car Between commuting to and from work, going to the gym, picking … Continue reading

Bug Out Bag Basics: Tips from Mountain House Ambassadors

Ah, the perennial prepper’s quandary: what to put in a bug out bag. Well, thanks to our Mountain House Ambassadors, we’ve got some genuine, real-life examples to inspire your own disaster preparedness! First things first, though: What is a bug out bag? It’s essentially a version of the 72-hour kit, an arsenal of survival tools and provisions that will see you through at least three days of an emergency situation. “Bug out” references the bag’s specific purpose of supporting your basic needs as you navigate to a safe longer-term location to ride out a disaster scenario of some kind. (You’ll … Continue reading

How to Start an Emergency Fire

Every outdoors person should know how to light a fire. It’s not simply a source of pride at that lakeside cookout with your buddies: It’s also a vital, life-saving skill in case you ever find yourself in a survival situation. Let’s review some firestarting basics, including the requisite ingredients and the easiest way to start a fire. Practice makes perfect when it comes to quickly and efficiently lighting a fire—and speed and efficiency are the bywords when you’re caught out in a blizzard or a torrential downpour, or you just took an unexpected dip in the river and need to … Continue reading

15 Ways to Reuse a Plastic Bottle for Survival

Even though we’re pretty sure most of the Mountain House community opts for reusable water bottles, the truth is single use plastic bottles aren’t going away any time soon. And even the most eco-savvy adventurer may still stumble across a bottle on a beach or tucked into the bushes along a trail. So pick it up, pack it out, and if necessary, turn that trash into survivalist treasure by making good use of garbage. We love the outside-the-box thinking from YouTuber “Sensible Prepper”. Take that trash and make it useful! Create a funnel, or a paracord dispenser, a cup with handle, … Continue reading