Bug Out Bag Basics: Tips from Mountain House Ambassadors

Ah, the perennial prepper’s quandary: what to put in a bug out bag. Well, thanks to our Mountain House Ambassadors, we’ve got some genuine, real-life examples to inspire your own disaster preparedness! First things first, though: What is a bug out bag? It’s essentially a version of the 72-hour kit, an arsenal of survival tools and provisions that will see you through at least three days of an emergency situation. “Bug out” references the bag’s specific purpose of supporting your basic needs as you navigate to a safe longer-term location to ride out a disaster scenario of some kind. (You’ll … Continue reading

Tips for Prepping in Limited Space

Many of us would love to stockpile supplies in preparation for emergencies and disasters, but don’t have the luxury of some sprawling estate—or even a single-family home with a yard—in which to do it. If you live in a small apartment, an RV, or some other modest-sized domicile, it’s true that storing survival gear and provisions can be a challenge. It’s not, however, a prohibitive challenge. Limited space storage solutions abound. Anybody, no matter the physical footprint of their home, can take steps to prep for trouble down the line. All too often we use a constraint such as limited … Continue reading

How to Purify Water

Nothing’s more important in the backcountry than staying hydrated, but the same water that quenches your thirst and keeps you alive can also sicken you if you don’t take proper precautions. Out on a multiday backpacking or paddling trek, you should play it safe and purify any water you’re using for drinking or cooking. How? In this blog post, we’ll review the basic water purification methods and when they should be employed. But … Do I Need to Purify Water in the Backcountry in the First Place? We already hear some of you questioning the whole premise. Can’t you drink … Continue reading

How to Hunt and Fish Without the Necessary Tools

If you’ve enjoyed Mountain House meals on a camping or backpacking trek—and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?—you can imagine how handy they’d be in true wilderness survival situations: Our delicious, easy-to-prepare, long-lasting, and super-portable entrees and emergency food supplies can keep you well fed during an unexpectedly long sojourn in the backcountry without taxing your energy or your fuel resources. Let’s say, though, you’re staring down a really extended stay in the wilderness: You’re hopelessly lost, say, or you’re somehow incapacitated, or a major storm or wildlife has you stuck for the foreseeable future. Hopefully you shared … Continue reading

Survivalism Evolved: New Technology That Can Save Your Life

Survivalism Evolved: New Technology That Can Save Your Life Listen, we understand: When many of us outdoorsy types think of roughing it in a survival situation, we like to imagine fashioning fishing rods from saplings, navigating by star-paths, erecting backwoods cribs out of tree branches and hides we’ve cured from beasts we’ve brought down with bows-and-arrows, and generally going the 100% primal route to stay alive. Fair enough, but wilderness travelers turn up their noses at modern technology to their own detriment. Even if you want to limit the gadgetry you haul into the wilds (or stow in your bug-out … Continue reading