Two guys eating Mountain House overlooking Grand Canyon

Mountain House Influencers

We believe the best way to share our passion about getting outside and being prepared starts with our Influencers: People that use Mountain House meals to fuel their adventures, or who store Mountain House for "just in case", or both!

Mountain House meals have been on treks all around the world, have given comfort and sustenance to those affected by natural disasters, and have provided relaxing convenience for those that simply needed a quick, delicious meal after a long day (just add water and done!).

We would like to invite you to apply to become a Mountain House Influencer. Simply complete the steps below.* If you qualify and are approved, you’ll unlock the door to discounts, get first glance at new product releases, and more! What do we want in return? You share your passion with others, create memories, and always Savor the Adventure™.

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