Emergency Food Storage Simplified

We’ve taken the hassle out of your long-term emergency food supply planning with our new multi-day meal kits! These kits are made to mix-and-match, and are simple to stack and store. Each emergency food kit has a unique assortment of classic recipes so you can pick the ones your family will love!

Are you looking for seven-days of food that's way better than MREs? Combine our two and five-day kits, or choose our three and four day kits instead. Buy all four kits and have two weeks of food in compact, light and easy to store boxes. Planning your food storage has never been easier!

All the benefits of Mountain House bundled together in each convenient kit!

mountain house long-term emergency food supply kits
mountain house taste guarantee seal
  • Every pouch in these kits has a Taste Guarantee of 30 years, freeing you from the hassle of constant food rotation.
  • Compact size! By combining all 4 kits you can easily fit 2 weeks of food in a space less than 2 feet high by 2 feet wide and 8 inches deep.
  • Delicious flavor with recipes even the kids will love! Our meals are widely regarded as the best tasting emergency food meals on the market.
  • Popular breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees for one person, or to be shared.

With our rich legacy of premium products, it's easy to see why our multi-day long-term emergency meal kits should be the foundation of your carefully prepared wise food storage supply. Make them a part of your comprehensive emergency plan today! See our kits.