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Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese


If you're a cottage cheese lover, you're in for a treat. Mountain House's Freeze Dried Cottage Cheese lets you have your favorite snack any time you want, without having to make a special trip to the grocery store. Low in fat and packed with 14 grams of protein per serving, our cottage cheese makes for a healthy snack or side dish that can fuel you through anything, from thunderstorms to those mornings where you wake up late for work. Just add water, chill for a few hours and your bowl of cottage cheese will be ready for your enjoyment.

While regular cottage cheese goes bad relatively quickly, our #10 Can of freeze dried cottage cheese is guaranteed to stay delicious for 30 or more years. Through freeze drying, we're able to preserve the nutritional content of the cottage cheese without sacrificing flavor. Isn't that awesome?

With so much flavor and nutrition in one huge can, it's no wonder why so many people add Mountain House Cottage Cheese to their emergency food supply. Shop now to make sure you're prepared - no matter what comes at you next.