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Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend

Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend


Don't forget to eat your veggies! Made with freeze dried vegetables, Mountain House's Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend features a mix of roasted bell peppers, onions, corn and black beans that's guaranteed to provide a burst of nutrition to fuel your next adventure. Each pouch of veggies is packed with important nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber to help you stay healthy when it matters most. Add hot water to enjoy as a tasty side dish, or enjoy right from the pouch as a crunchy snack - it sure beats bland trail mix!

Mountain House Fire Roasted Vegetables come in a pouch that's the perfect size for stashing in your pack for your next camping trip. Don't have an adventure planned anytime soon? Stow a pouch of freeze dried veggies in your cupboard for a healthy snack that blows boring ol' pretzels out of the water.

Need some camping food ideas? The possibilities with Mountain House's Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend are endless:

  • Wrap in a tortilla with your favorite meat and salsa for burritos or tacos
  • Serve on top of rice for a quick, filling meal
  • Add to broth for a flavorful soup

...or simply enjoy on its own!