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Precooked Scrambled Eggs

Precooked Scrambled Eggs


Mountain House Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs give you a classic breakfast without tons of prep work. Available in two sizes, our freeze dried eggs are just as delicious on the trail as they are at home. Dress them up with spices and seasonings, serve alongside some freshly cooked bacon or eat them as is - with Mountain House freeze dried scrambled eggs, it's never been easier to choose your own adventure.

Our freeze dried eggs are available in two different sizes to cater to your specific needs:

  • Our Pouch offers scrambled eggs in a convenient little package that's perfect for camping, backpacking and other adventures.
  • Our #10 Can gives you a huge supply of eggs that's great for emergency food storage.

Whether you're looking for camping breakfast food ideas or emergency meals, our pre-cooked scrambled eggs are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and your appetite.